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Our olive oil


The town of Vinaixa is in a perfect location to further enhance the quality of the oil. This is due mainly to three factors:

1.     The altitude of the fields of olive trees, located between 300 and 400 meters, results in the trees noting the cold of winter and the heat of summer more, events that enhance the fruit.

2.    The mountains surrounding the area, such as the Prades Mountains, makes a wall that largely protects against pests.

3.    And finally, the climate, with a cold winter and hot summer, but also more moisture at dawn than in other areas, features that also enhance the olive oil and all its properties.

Olive-Oil Making Process:


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced at the Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa is only made with mechanical processes under conditions that do not produce any alteration of the biological properties and organoleptic characteristics of the oil and without any additive chemistry.

The process begins in the fields, where farmers collect the fruit carefully to avoid damaging it, as it is very fragile. In less than 24 hours, so that the fruit maintains its properties  —full-harvesting usually begins early in the morning and ends when the sky darkens— the olives arrive at the cooperative fresh so that they can be pressed.

Thus, the olives are pressed and then crushed, so the resulting paste is thinner and the amount of oil that can be extracted is higher. Then the paste passes through the centrifuge, where, at low temperatures, it separates the liquid (oil) and the solid (called pomace). The oil obtained is stored in stainless steel treatment tanks that can remove possible impurities and thereafter the oil can be filtered.
Therefore, it is a natural product, since the result is a fruit juice, which is completely from Arbequina olives.

The olive-oil making process involves a series of quality checks, by the "Master Miller" of the cooperative as well as technicians from the Les Garrigues PDO, with the aim of achieving the highest point of perfection.

Finally, once we have obtained extra virgin olive oil, it is packaged and labelled in the same cooperative, now ready to be taken to the store to be sold.

Each campaign, customers and the general public can see this laborious process and do a tasting of the final result at the cooperative.