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Our olive oil

Vinaixa extra virgin olive oil comes from the Arbequina variety, harvested and immediately taken to the mill from the fields so that the fruit retains all its properties.

The high quality of the product is confirmed by its acidity, which is usually placed every year between 0.02 and 0.08. In this sense, Vinaixa oil is, among the oils that are produced in the Les Garrigues Protected Denomination of Origin, one that can boast a resulting lower acidity. We think that the lower the degrees, the higher the quality.

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Our almonds


The Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa collects and stores the almonds grown by its partners to sell to other producers of this nut.

In any case, at the Agrobotiga Cooperativa de Vinaixa almonds can also be purchased in different types, for example, for toast and praline almonds, the latter being a specialty of the Les Garrigues region.

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Wine and cava