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The past

The Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa was founded in 1920 and is a merger of two existing agricultural unions in town: the agricultural union “EL PORVENIR” and Sindicat Agrícola de Vinaixa. The merging of these unions occurred in 1940 and resulted in the current SCCL of Camp de Vinaixa.

This organization has 340 members, of which 170 are active. The company has sections for olive oil, grapes, almonds and supplies. It also has the Agrobotiga, which sells local products such as extra virgin olive oil and more (almonds, olives, cava, mistelle...), all of exquisite quality. It also handles all the documentation of its DUN members: agricultural insurance, subsidies and other payments related to crop farmers.

In 1975 it was listed as one of the founders of the Les Garrigues Protected Denomination of Origin.
Currently, Teresa Gallart i Soberana chairs the board, who thus became the organization's first woman president.


The Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa has annual harvests ranging, depending on the season, between 800,000 and 900,000 kilograms of olives. The cooperative sells its products through Agrobotiga after producing them, step by step, from the field until they reach their final packaging. They can also be distributed properly packaged to the client's home, which can be requested in person, by phone or by email. It also exports a percentage of its sales to Germany and other European countries.
The Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa now has a board of nine members, of which Teresa Gallart i Soberana is the president. It has a permanent employee who, in turn, is a specialist in the preparation of olive oil to achieve the highest quality, and during the olive season campaign, more people in the town of Vinaixa are temporarily hired.

Currently the Cooperative Camp consists of:

Teresa Gallart Soberana, President.
Josep Maria Tarragó Aguiló, Second president.
Jordi Romeu Besó, Secretary
Antonio Rodríguez Gutiérrez, Treasurer.
Miquel Àngel Sarrà Menor, Vocal
Ramon Sala Arqué, Vocal
Antoni Carré Alberich, Vocal
Vicent Ferrero Simó, Vocal
Josep Maria Clota Arqué, Vocal