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13 "Fira de l'Oli i la Pedra"

El poble de Vinaixa celebra la 13a edició de la Fira de l'Oli i la Pedra amb diferents actes que començaran divendres i finalitzaran diumenge.

Exposicions, tastos, visites guiades, exposició, l'esmorzar popular de la Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa... i moltes d'altres activitats que es podran gaudir durant aquests dies. 

Podeu consultar el programa AQUÍ:

Start the new season olive oil 2015-2016

Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa start of the new campaign of extra virgin olive oil 2015-2016. 



In this link you have more information about  'XII Fira de l'Oli i la Pedra 2015':





Selling products in Barcelona

Cooperativa del Camp Vinaixa open in Barcelona by placing a point of selling their products ‘Garrigues, colors i emocions ' in the Mercat de la Conception . It is a shop Garrigues , where you can buy the new olive oil extra virgin Cooperativa del Camp, and other products of the highest quality wine, sparkling wine , nuts , honey , olives , lots of Christmas, etc


New virgin olive oil 2014-2015 is here

Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa already have the new virgin olive oil for this campaign 2014-2015. This year we also do lots and Christmas baskets to your needs.

La Cooperativa, participates in the exhibition 'Mercat de Mercats'

This 2014 back 'Mercat de Mercats', an initiative of Gastronomy Fair Instituto de Mercados del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, and dollaboration with the Government of Catalonia. This year, dedicated to the cuisine of the country, con productos of proximity, with the Catalan cuisine as protagonist. 


'Mercat de Mercats' will be in Avenue in the Cathedral. The 'feria' are: 17, 18 and 19 October. The timetable: 12 at 21:30 hours on the first day; 11 at 21:30 pm on Saturday 18th; and 11-21h the last day. 

La Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa will participate with a stand (number 32), the 'Production'.

More information in this link:

Vinaixa celebrate the 30 of march the 11 edition 'Fira de l’Oli i la Pedra'

The village of Vinaixa will celebrate the Sunday 30 of March the 11to edition of the 'Fira de l'Oli i la Pedra'. The acts will begin the Saturday day 29 with a popular trek and a breakfast for the participants. More information:  Fira de l'oli i la pedra 2014 


La Cooperativa de Vinaixa has started the campaign gathering the olives and developing our precious extra virgin olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin Les Garrigues (DOP Les Garrigues). Our green oil is extracted from the first green olives a strong and unique flavor.

Unlike last year, the 2013-2014 season is expected to be good. Despite the drought suffered at first, the rain in September contributed to the optimum ripeness of the fruit and the olive has reached a suitable point that makes our oil even more exquisite.
In this sense, La Cooperativa de Vinaixa remains true to his principles of drafting natural olive oil of the highest quality, regulated by stricter controls of the 'Denominació d'Origen Les Garrigues' ( ENAC Certification No. 102/C-PR242 ), with healthy benefits and as many scientific studies show with a superb flavor. 

Please note that during the first days of December you will fin oil from this season in the 'Agrobotiga Cooperativa de Vinaixa'. We invite you to visit us, enjoy and also learn how to develope our priceless products. If you prefer, you can send us your orders via phone 973 175 309, email  or fill in the website order form
We serve our products directly to your home.


On Sunday, the 30th of March there will take place the XI 'Fira de l'Oli i la Pedra de Vinaixa', which includes, between other acts, the habitual popular breakfast gentility of the Cooperative, where the new oil of the campaign can taste 2013-2014, besides Bread of brown 'Payés' and meat to the 'Brassa'.

In the next days it will be possible consult the informative it brings over of this popular celebration that includes also other acts, as sample of trades of the stone, exposicions, etc.

You can query the photobook by following this link.

La Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa will participate 18, 19 and 20 October at the 'Fira Mercat de Mercats', one shown in Catalan gastronomy, at the Plaça de la Catedral de Barcelona.