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Environment: Vinaixa

The Cooperativa del Camp is located in the municipality of Vinaixa, a municipal area of 37.36 km2, in the south-eastern sector of Les Garrigues next to Conca de Barbera, Province of Tarragona. It is located at 479 meters in altitude and has 594 inhabitants.

With a long and fascinating ancient history, Vinaixa is today a town that has adapted to modern times without losing its identity, which is verified with the preservation of its heritage and providing people to work in agriculture and other crafts, such as the stone industry.

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Interesting places

Vinaixa has many attractions to visit such as the Church of St. John the Baptist (1301-1318), the Casa de Poblet  (better known as Cal Panxa), the old city centre and Cal Tarragó, the stately house that in 1469 the abbot of Poblet authorized to make.

You can consult Vinaixa information on the website: Ajuntament de Vinaixa.

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