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Cooperativa de Vinaixa, with 340 members, has been working since 1920 to provide the best products from our land with extra virgin olive oil being its prime example.

Work, effort, sacrifice and entrepreneurship are some of the terms that define the group of men and women who every day forge ahead with the Cooperativa del Camp, knowing the importance this has for economic development and the future of the municipality.

Feel free to visit us, either through this virtual space, or visiting the offices of Cooperativa del Camp, where you will receive excellent service, plus have at your disposal one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

We invite you to try it yourself!

Customer care
973 17 53 09
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From Monday to Friday:   9h-13h 
Vinaixa's olive oil



Cooperativa del Camp de Vinaixa shows its products in the Concepció Market (Barcelona) 


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